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Are Two Puppies Better Than One

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Raising Two of More Puppies Can Be a Challenge for Most Dog Owners

So, you went to the breeder to pick up your new puppy only to find out that there were only two left.  You thought long and hard about leaving the last one there but after toiling over the idea of the puppy being alone, you decided to take it home anyway.  Having two puppies can be fun, hopefully. Many times people are not able to choose just one, and other times they want two pups so they’ll have each other to grow up with.

You have to take specific steps in homes that have two puppies and using these tips will help avoid behavioral problems in the future.

One problem is deciding if you want to keep the pups in one crate together when leaving the house or are sleeping, or to have separate crates for each pup. While money and togetherness may make it look like putting them together at all times is a good idea, behaviorally you should use separate crates.

There are multiple reasons to do this, but one of the biggest reasons is that the puppies need to be able to live independently of each other. When two puppies live together (regardless of whether or not they’re siblings), if they are always together, severe anxiety issues may develop when they are separated. You may not see that as a problem now because they’ll pretty much be together at all times, but in reality you will have times when they will need to be apart. Should one puppy get sick and need to go to the vet, they will be separated. If you take them to the park for a walk, they will not always be together. When the pups are spayed/neutered, you will be told to have them take it easy for a few days, which will be very hard to accomplish if they’re always together.

A good reason for the puppies to be apart is so they’ll know how to relax. When together at all times, puppies will constantly play, which will cause the dogs to never know when “enough is enough.”  Having separate quiet time in their crates will teach them to relax during appropriate times.

Another important thing to remember is that when beginning or teaching obedience, be sure not to always work with the puppies together.  A common mistake is to allow the puppies to become a dog pack of their own that happens to live in your home. This may lead to the puppies having too much of a relationship with one another and too little humans. While working with the puppies separately, this will allow you the chance to develop a relationship with each pup so they learn to respect you, listen to your commands and become a part of the overall household pack, including the people.

Other tips that should be noted include having separate food and water bowls for each dog so that resource guarding does not develop as they get bigger, this will also give you control of how much food each dog is eating. Make sure each has their own leash and collar which they will associate with walks and training. Every aspect of your dogs life should be treated as if they were individual dogs… which they are.

By using these tips as early as possible, you and your puppies will have the best possible relationships while avoiding future problems.

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