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Scent Work for Dogs – Upcoming Classes

scent work class

Is Your dog bored, hyper, need a job?  Scent work classes are for You!

A fun and challenging dog sport, scent work for dogs, is growing in popularity with dog owners across the US.  Scent work for dogs is one of the best ways to challenge your dog with an activity that can be trained simply for fun or for competition.  Scent work for dogs teaches and refines your canine partners ability to use his nose and find three target odors Anise, Birch, and Clove.  Dogs are taught to find these odors in a variety of locations including: containers, outdoor searches, indoor searches and even on vehicles.

The best part about scent work for dogs is that any dog, regardless of size, breed or age can participate and even compete.  Another huge benefit to scent work training is that it challenges the dog and provides needed mentally and physical stimulation that will help to build a more balanced dog.  It also provides dogs and owners with the opportunity to socialize with new people, dogs and in new environments.   So, if your dog is hyper, lacks focus or just needs some sort of job to engage in, this is a very fun and rewarding activity to get involved in.  Scent work for dogs will be offered in a number of levels to work with those dog teams at varying levels of experience.  We will be offering basic Scent Work 1, Scent Work 2, Scent Work 3 classes as well as Advanced Scent Work classes.

scent work for dogsOur Scent Work 1 classes will be offered each week and are taught by our trainer, Nick Rempp.  Nick is a former US Army bomb dog handler / trainer who has a wealth of experience to help dogs and their owners understand and apply  this stimulating and fun training.  Equipment required for class is a leash, harness, flat collar, and toy or treats. The first 6 week class will start January 21st at 6pm and the price is $159. Registration for the class before January 5th will receive a $30 dollar discount.    If you have questions about scent work classes, want more information, or are ready to sign up, contact Nick Rempp at 866.200.2207 or email

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