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Puppies Require Lots of Training & Care

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Puppies or Guppies?  Is a puppy right for you?

Poecilia Libestes Reticulata, a fish commonly known as the Guppy, is a very popular aquarium fish. Since the Guppy is easy to keep and non-aggressive, it is particularly suitable for novice aquarists.  Bringing your Guppy home takes very little planning.  The day to day interactions are simple; a sprinkle of food and cleaning out the fish bowl from time to time.  With a new puppies, arranging for a homecoming is not quite as easy.  Many individuals do not consider the supplies needed for the new addition to the family, the time and expense of veterinarian services, the costs for boarding and/or pet sitting, and of course, dog training.  Adopting older dogs can be a little easier, since you will be skipping the puppy stage.  A plan must be in place to properly ensure a good relationship between you and your dog and to ensure that both of you are happy and healthy.

With the holidays approaching, new puppies for Christmas are considered by some the best present ever!  As the gift giver, you must ask yourself “Is everyone prepared for the responsibility?”  Housebreaking, or what is commonly known as “potty training”, is often a tough task to master.  Some breeds, especially toy breeds, will need more diligence than others.  Consistency is the key to any training and housebreaking is no different. Our trainer’s always recommend crate training.  We have found that crate training is the fastest and most effective method of housebreaking.  We believe that using potty pads to housebreak a dog is simply teaching your dog to go to the bathroom inside!  So, if puppy potty training would be a tough task or burden on your schedule, then you may want to consider adopting an older dog or buying a guppy!

puppiesYour lifestyle should be a huge consideration when searching for a dog to fit your family.  Picking the right breed for your lifestyle will make the transition to dog owner more pleasant. When searching for a puppy or older dog you should consider whether you and your family are:  really active, enjoy the outdoors,  exercise by jogging and riding bikes, or do you frequently visit parks, trails etc.  If these types of activities are enjoyable to you and your family then the high energy breeds could work out wonderfully for you. Some examples of these breeds include but are not limited to: Border Collies, Blue Heelers, Labradors, Retrievers, Jack Russell’s, Boston Terriers, Weimeraners, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds. If a more laid back lifestyle is preferred in your household,  then you may want to look toward breeds with more of a companion status like: Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Chinese Crested, Pekingnese, Basset Hounds, and Chihuahuas.  Your lifestyle should always be a consideration when looking for a new dog.  If the dog would be crated 10-14 hours a day, then a guppy is absolutely for you!

Lastly, some people simply don’t have the required patience that dogs need from their humans.  We have had many different clients who have become extremely frustrated with their dogs.  Some of our clients frustrations stem from the lack of understanding of the breed they chose for themselves and/or the family, others from the wrong choice of breed for the current lifestyle they live, and several for reinforcing bad behaviors without realizing the mistakes they were making in the training of the new addition to the family.  One such client had a pit bull mix. The dog was an absolute sweet heart and great with other dogs, however, the house would be destroyed when the dog was left unattended.  This dog was home 10 plus hours alone and everything from the window sills to the furniture would be chewed up when the owners returned.  Because the owners felt bad about crating the dog, they left her loose and unsupervised all day.  When they would return home they were furious with her and would punish the dog for the bad behavior after the fact, which was ineffective.  There are many problems with this scenario:  first, the breed was not what the family needed for the lifestyle they lived, second, the dog and owners needed professional dog training to learn how to address bad dog behavior issues, and third the new owners had no patience or learned structure for their new puppy.

If you are in the market for a new puppy or considering adopting an older dog, our trainer’s would be happy to help you decide which breed is best for your lifestyle or if in fact a guppy is your best bet! We have dog trainer’s in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Puerto Rico to assist with any questions or professional dog training you made need.  If you would like more information in regards to selecting the correct breed for your lifestyle or any of our training programs, feel free to call us at 866.200.2207 or email


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