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Online Dog Training and the World Wide Web

In today’s world quicker is better, convenience is a must, and time is of the essence.  This need for speed has also spilled over into the wonderful world of dog training.  Clients want their dog’s problem behaviors fixed in an instant, and dog trainers want to earn a certificate in a matter of two weeks.  Unfortunately, for these types of people “slow and steady” wins the race when it comes to dog training.  People must understand that many dog tips and training courses offered online are generic, it is much more beneficial to ask a veterinary or professional dog trainer in person since no two dogs are alike.

Correcting dog behaviors can often times take many months to work out and the cost for professional training can add up quickly depending on which dog training program best fits your needs. This is why many dog owners turn to the internet for quick and cheap solutions which is understandable if you want to hear stories and gather research on the topic, but it is nothing that should be taken to heart.   As our pets become more like family members, science has proven over the years that dog behavior is much more complicated than it used to be.  There are many types of aggression, fear, and phobias that have developed as we domestic our four-legged friends.  Each one of these behaviors must be rehabilitated in totally different methods, there is no “cookie cutter” approach to behavior issues and each dog is unique, and so are the solutions to rehabilitate them.

There are limitless dog training courses, webinars, and chat rooms where dog trainers can network and learn new theories for dog training.  The trainer’s at Highland Canine Training often times take online courses to maintain certain certification and to keep us up to date on the latest and greatest dog training methods.  However, there is just so much you can learn online, the real training comes when you have an actual leash in your hand.  This is in my opinion when people find out if they truly have to passion to work with dogs.  Handling dogs, teaching obedience, and rehabilitating problem dog behaviors is very challenging when it’s just you and the dog. This is when you have to be able to apply the theories that you may or may not have learned in real life situations.  Its one thing to tell dog owner’s how to work with their dogs, it is quite another thing to teach them!

online dog trainingWhether you are a dog owner or learning to be a dog trainer, when you are new to the art it is quite awkward. Trying to keep the dog focused, while holding the leash, the clicker, and give treats on cue (or working with a training collar) is a lot easier to talk about than actually do! In the beginning you feel extremely uncoordinated and if we are being honest much like a klutz! Many of our students learn through hands on training that they do not have the patience that is needed not only to teach dogs, but to work with the dog owners. It’s hard to understand this by taking only online training courses, since you cannot apply personal contact with both the dog and people.

The bottom line is if you are thinking of a career in dog training, I would select a course that offers hands on personal training especially if you are green to the business. You will become a much better all around trainer in the end! Also think twice before you take training advice from online research, you don’t want to risk making your dog worse for the sake of convenience! If you are interested in becoming a dog trainer please contact us at or visit the site for our School for Dog Trainers.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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