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What is Highland Canine’s Free Dog Behavior Clinic?

highland canine training behavior clinic

Many of our local clients are familiar with Highland Canine Training’s free behavior clinic that we host from time to time at our facility in Harmony, North Carolina. This dog behavior clinic was originally formed to help our students who attended our School for Dog Trainer’s  learn how to diagnose dog behaviors with dogs and clients they have never met.  When we started this program, little did we know what type of impact this event would have on the families and their pets that we’ve met.  Our professional dog trainers and students have saved 8 dogs from being euthanized and 5 from being re-homed in just two years time which occurred in as few as 5 behavior clinics.

So how does the dog behavior clinic work?  We set a date and have people call or email our training facility to set an appointment.  The clients can bring their dog or multiple dogs for situations when they are having problems with multiple dogs in the home.   Some clients bring their entire family, so the students and dog trainer’s  can hear all sides of the story and understand the dynamics of their home.  Clients sit down in front of our panel of current students and tell us stories about the behaviors they are struggling with and don’t know which way to turn.  Our students learn how to ask the right questions which is huge when becoming a great, well rounded dog trainer.  Our staff of professional dog trainers are there to guide the students and make sure they are diagnosing and giving the best advice possible for each situation.

The students in our School for Dog Trainer’s typically get to see all kinds of dog behaviors and human error problems and learn how to address them.  It’s common to see dogs that just need a little basic obedience or a hobby.  The students can then recommend group class, clicker training, a lot of time our trainers recommend our local doggy day cares like Noah’s Ark for socialization, and we even recommend DogLogic for agility ( they have an awesome indoor agility training room just down the road).  Students meet clients who struggle controlling their dog and have the opportunity to make recommendations for better managing the dog. Clients can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour getting free advice for their four-legged family members.

The most interesting clients are those with aggression issues, the students really learn so much from these clients.  Students talk to clients who are literally crying thinking they are going to have to put their dog to sleep. Clients who hide their dogs because they are afraid they may bite someone the dog and owners quality of life and relationship suffer.  Students get to see, first-hand, dogs that resource guard their family members, or suffer from moderate to severe dog on dog aggression.  The students and trainers are able to put together a plan of action for the family and their dog.  We talk about the families budget, lifestyle, free time, how long the behavior has been going on, sometimes we are very honest and tell the families the dog maybe be the wrong fit for their home.

If you have questions about our Behavior Clinic or would like to learn more about our programs, feel free to call us at 866.200.2207 or email


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