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Why Exercising Your Dog is Beneficial

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Exercising Your Dog Can Have Some Major Benefits

Exercising your dog is a key part of your responsibilities to your dog as a pet owner.  Exercise is imperative to not only your dog’s physical health but also their mental health as well.  An adequately exercised dog will have better muscle definition and body weight.  Dogs that are regularly exercised will generally behave more appropriately in the house, because they are able to have an outlet for their energy.  When dogs are not exercised and are cooped up inside all day they become bored.  When some dogs are bored they will find a way to entertain themselves, and the way they entertain themselves may not be so entertaining to you!  Torn up sofas, shredded sheets, and chewed up tables are just a few problems that dog owners can come home to.  Providing your dog with an outlet for their energy can help to reduce their destructive behavior inside the home.   Remember, exercising your dog is not a fix it all solution to every dog problem.  However, it can help greatly for those dogs that are bored and destroy furniture and other objects to fill their time.

All dogs need exercise.  Playing fetch, taking your dog for a swim, running, walking, or playing hide and seek are all great ways to exercise your dog.  Not only will it help release excess energy, it will also help to strengthen your bond with your dog.  Doing fun things together can help you develop an even greater relationship with your dog.

Remember, every dog is different.  You will have to customize your workout plan to fit your schedule and what your dog needs.  When you exercise your dog keep it fun.
If you are playing fetch be animated. Make your dog have an absolute blast doing something that is so beneficial for them.

exercising your dogIt is equally important to exercise your dog’s mind.  Exercising your dog’s mind can be just as tiring for them as taking them for a long run. They are constantly thinking and working things out in their mind.  This is something we can all relate to.  When we have a busy day filled with paperwork, meetings, or tests, we can be exhausted by the end of the day.  We haven’t done any strenuous physical work, but the mental labor we have done has made us tired.  Dogs are the same.   Working your dog’s obedience is a great way to stimulate their mind.  You can work sit, down, stay, come, heel, and place with your dog.  Teaching your dog new tricks is also a great way to mentally challenge them to learn something new and exciting.  Agility is another great way to exercise your dog, and it can be a wonderful sport to enjoy with your dog.

If you own an older dog you may have to adjust the amount of physical exercise you can do with them. You may have to do more activities that challenge them mentally, or you may have to take them for short, slow paced walks.

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