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Our Detection Dog Trainer Course has Many Benefits

As our society changes so much, so has the use for working dogs in our everyday lives.  There is no surprise to see working dogs in schools, businesses, security details, stadiums, prisons, all branches of military in every country, private homes, and of course law enforcement worldwide.  With so many avenues with canine detection you no longer have to be sworn law enforcement or active military to reap the benefits of working a detection dog.  Our Detection Dog Trainer’s Course gives you the tools you need to chose the which avenues best interest you and your lifestyle both as a dog trainer or dog handler.

Several of our dog trainers courses shape you into the type of working dog trainer you would like to be.  In our trainer schools here at Highland Canine Training not only do we teach our students how to handle detection dogs but we teach how to train the working dogs from beginning to end.  Basic obedience, behavior medication, and selecting dogs and puppies create the foundation for a finished product of excellence.  Our instructors teach our students multiple techniques of training a detection dog whether it is for drug/bomb detection up to specifics like mushroom detection in certain parts of the world!

Many of our sworn law enforcement and active military students have been sent to our detection courses that range from 6 weeks to 12 weeks, we have even offered agencies custom schools as we understand how difficult it can be for departments to work under-staffed.  For some agencies and branches of military leaving for 12 weeks at once can be extremely difficult if not impossible.  Make sure you speak with our training director Jason Purgason to discuss options.  The benefits of completion of the detection course for law enforcement and military handlers is often use to conduct their own custom maintenance training with having at least one person who understands how detection dogs are trained.  Having one person to trouble- shoot for a canine unit makes for smoother training sessions and huge financial savings for canine budgets. This course is also used for those men or women in a supervisor positions of canine units so they understand the types of training materials needed, the amount of time allotted for dog training, the type of handlers that should be chosen to work a detection dog, and of course liability issues for both the departments and court testimonies.

detection dog trainer courseSo what are the benefits for civilian students taking our canine detection course? Students who come through our basic obedience/behavior modification trainer’s course to begin a dog training career often choose other courses to specialize in (the courses can be ran simultaneously with a basic course).  Some of students choose detection in order to train working dogs in: drug detection, explosives detection, mold detection, Bat Guano detection, antler detection, bed bug detection, cell phone detection, etc for a career!  Our instructors are able to specialize the training to meet each students specifics needs as a dog trainer.

Private security companies also benefit in more ways than one by offering detection services within their company.  Many of our students take our detection course as a bonus to their resume when they are starting a private security company or simply wanting to get hired as a handler for specific job details on domestic and international levels of employment. Private security companies in Northern and Western Africa, the Middle East, and of course stateside is in high demand for providing bomb dog detection services to sweep stadiums, vehicles, hotel rooms and events of politicians or other members of the elite.  The international need for working detection canines, can be found by simply learning the techniques of networking and producing a solid finished product.

Please contact Highland Canine Training for more details on our trainers courses if you are interested in pursuing a career in canine detection.  We can be reached at or toll free at 866-200-2207.

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