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Choosing a Breeder

choosing a breeder for your puppy

10 Tips on Choosing a Breeder

There are many different reasons dog owners like to buy their puppies from a breeder, here are 10 of the top reasons we came up with.

1. The Breeder Will Fill You In On the Pup’s History.
A top breeder will let you know everything about the pup’s life up to present time. They will tell you how the pup was raised, if there were any health issues at birth, if the pup is shy, etc. Then, when you bring the pup home, you have total control over how your puppy will be raised from that point on. How your new puppy will be trained and socialized will be up to you!

2. Meet the Parents.
Seeing the pup’s parents can tell you a whole lot about how your pup will turn out, as far as their appearance, health and temperament. When adopting a pup from a shelter you do not have this luxury!  If a breeder refuses to allow you to see the parents of your pup or makes excuses about why you can’t see them, look elsewhere!

3. Your Puppy Has Been In Good Hands.
If you adopt a dog from a shelter, you have no idea about the puppies past.

Has the puppy been abused, neglected or treated poorly leading to an aggressive personality?

Purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder ensures that there are no uncertainties about the puppies past. You know the puppy hasn’t been abused or treated poorly, causing any behavioral issues. Most breeders became breeders because they love dogs so you can be certain your puppy has had a wonderful upbringing.

choosing the right breeder4. Best Not To Buy From Classified Ads.
Mixed-breed dogs are usually the result of horrible owners who did not want to spend the money to have their dogs spayed or neutered. Then try to make money from an accidental litter by selling the puppies to anyone. Most breeders take a lot of pride in the dogs they breed. The will spend much time researching the lineage of the parents and grandparents in order to breed the best puppies. Top breeders will plan ahead so they can offer the mother dog and puppy’s excellent care and find them the best home possible.

5. Check their references.
Always ask for breeders references, if they refuse move on to a different breeder. When a breeder gives you references use them and ask the dog owner’s any and all questions you may have (are they happy with their dog). If you are happy with the answers to your questions this should make you feel good and ready to buy from that breeder.

6. You’ll know Where to Get Your Next Dog.
If your experience turns out to be a good one you know where to go for your next puppy. If you adopt a dog from a rescue, which we strongly encourage, just understand that you will have no idea where it came from or what breed it is.

7. Information on your specific breed.
A breeder of Border Collies will fill you in on everything you want to know about Border Collies. There are also many others who own the same breed and books written about your breed. You have unlimited resources.

8. The breeder will recommend a Good Vet for your Breed.
Most breeders will give you recommendations on vets in your area. Especially if your puppy is a rare breed, the breeder will know of vets who are knowledgeable on that specific breed.

9.  Health Issues.
A good breeder will check a puppy’s health thoroughly before selling it.

A good example is buying a German Shepherd; a good breeder will have a Vet x-ray the rear legs checking for dysplasia, hip dysplasia is a genetic disease that passes down through a specific lineage of canine. If you have two loose hip dogs mate with each other, the result is often a hip dysplasia stricken puppy. Of course, not all canine with the disease suffer from it or show symptoms, so it can be very hard to determine if your new puppy has heredity even if its parents have been X-rayed and determined healthy.

10. A Lifelong Friend.
Top breeders like staying in touch with the owners they sell their puppies to. This is great because you will always have an expert to turn to if you have any questions about your canine. The breeder has probably experienced any issues you are having with your new puppy.

This article is the second in a series on puppies. To read other articles in this series and learn more about puppies, click on the links below. There are many aspects to selecting the right breeder for your next puppy. For more tips or advice on selecting the right breeder contact Highland Canine Training, LLC at or 866.200.2207.

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