Dog Training Statesville NC

As the trainer of choice for Statesville NC, we are proud to provide our dog training clients with the services and dog training solutions they are looking for.

Highland Canine Training proudly offers a variety of dog training and dog related services in the Statesville area. We offer In Home Dog Training, In Kennel Training, In Home Dog Training, Private Lessons, and have successfully resolved behavioral issues with hundreds of dogs from the Statesville and Troutman areas. Highland Canine Training offers professional and effective training services based on humane, motivational techniques. We promise to treat all dogs and their owners with respect and courtesy and encourage responsible dog ownership. Free evaluations are offered upon request.

As trusted provider in professional dog training and behavior modification programs in Statesville, NC for almost a decade.

dog training statesville ncHighland Canine Training has been the reliable leader in the Statesville, NC  area for years.  Our services are regularly recommended by owners, dog rescues and local veterinarians because we have proven track record of getting results with even the most problematic dogs.  Providing reliable dog training programs for on and off leash obedience is just a small part of what we offer.  Our reliable techniques for rehabilitating problem behaviors such as; biting, fighting aggression, nipping, neurotic behaviors and phobias is what we are well-known for.  If you are experiencing issues with your dog and are looking for a solution, our dog training programs and packages offer a solution for any dog owner.  We can also help with other problems such as; leash pulling, barging out the door, barking, counter surfing and stealing.

Our primary purpose is to help you build a stronger relationship with your dog(s).  We offer programs to help with introducing a new dog into your home, puppy training and housebreaking and working with dogs that don’t get along within the same house.  The format that we use to teach owners is easy and reliable and the techniques that we will demonstrate to you get lasting results right away.  Our approach to training dogs is one that is based on the principle that no two dogs are the same.  We understand that their needs are different and that taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to training dogs simply will not work.  That’s why we customize our training programs to meet the individual needs of the dogs and clients, any other way, simply will not work.

Dog Training Statesville NC – Contact us today for more information on our Statesville Dog training programs and courses.

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We proudly serve the following areas: Troutman, Statesville, Harmony, Union Grove, Yadkinville, NC and the surrounding areas.  If you have questions about our programs or need more information, feel free to call us at 704.728.9494 or toll-free at 866.200.2207.

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