Brandi Wallwork

Brandi Wallwork, Dog Trainer

brandi wallwork dog trainer

Brandi Wallwork recognizes how important it is that every dog owner be able to understand their dog and know how to effectively communicate with them. Her passion for understanding and training dogs was sparked when her own dog became highly reactive and aggressive toward other dogs. She realized many others must be struggling with similar situations and now strives to help anyone facing difficulties with their beloved pets.

Brandi has been an active member of several animal rescue organizations since 2010, helping spread the importance of adoption in the community and fostering homeless cats and dogs. She managed a dog daycare and boarding facility for three years, therefore she has firsthand experience of each individual dog’s unique personality and temperament. She understands the importance of honesty and excellence in customer service.

Brandi graduated from the Highland Canine Training School for Dog Trainers with a focus on Obedience, Behavior Modification, and Service dogs.

Contact Brandi at 678.488.8060 or email her at

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